1. Agee, Bill: Bendix

  2. Agee, Bill: Morrison—Knudsen

  3. Akers, John: IBM

  4. Allaire, Paul: Xerox

  5. Andersen, Roger: Continental Illinois

    • CI invested in developing country, took on over $1 billion in risky loans.

      • https://www.nytimes.com/1986/12/07/magazine/no-headline-812186.html

        • This is a fascinating article on how the fallout of business malpractice affects everyone involved, but also of how the Greatest Generation formed the American corporate world, in a sense, and vice versa—“the organization man,” the heart of American business ethics and manners.

        • ''At some point,'' Myers says, ''I read or heard that there is no end to how successful somebody can be as long as they give the credit to someone else. I adopted that as my credo.''

        • A look into the people who make companies what they are, but are ultimately discarded by them--the downfall of the Organization Man.

    • Roger Anderson is the one who initiates the failure of this company and transitively, the downfall of Myers, with his new aggressive loan policy, beginning in 1976.

      • Waters down the internal deliberations on signing off on loans, ends up signing off on penn square, and the rest is history

    • ​“For a while, the new ethos worked wonders. American companies became pre-eminent in such fields as autos, aircraft, energy and electronics and, in the process, gave the United States the highest standard of living ever known. But within the last decade, in industry after industry, the nation has fallen behind in innovation, productivity and market share. Many commentators believe that the very organization-man revolution that helped create America's robust economic health has contributed to its decline.”

  6. Anderson, Warren: Union Carbide

  7. Antioco, John: Blockbuster

  8. Arnall, Roland: Ameriquest

This is an ongoing list; names will be filled in due time.

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