​​"Be prepared. There are 14 generic types of guys you meet while you are on Wall Street. We've dated 13 of them, so we've got the scoop. And it's all in this book. Fortunately, these guys don't read books, so whatever we say about them is just between us. One of us is about to start dating the 14th type, but actually, we know all about him too, so he's also here."  -- Lisa Padrona, P. Joan Kent and Wanda Shigenaga

Cause of the Global Collapse Revealed! 

Who are they?

What do they say?

What do they mean?

What is marriage like? 

Exploding Cigars 


Vice Presidents Anonymous is a support group for recovering VPs, much like Alcoholics Anonymous is for alcoholics. But instead of sharing stories about struggles with alcohol, we share stories about struggles with greed, sleaze, aggression, delusion, paralysis and imbecility .