Levin, Gerald—AOL Time-Warner

Levin, Rob—Fannie Mae
Lewis, David—General Dynamics
Lewis, David—General Dynamics
Ling, James—LTV

Locke, Charles--Morton Thiokol
Lorenzo, Frank—Continental Airlines
Lorenzo, Frank—Eastern Airlines
Lorenzo, Frank—New York Air
Lorenzo, Frank—People's Express
Lorenzo, Frank—TWA
Love, Ben—Texas Commerce Bank

Marous, John—Westinghouse
Maxwell, Hamish—Philip Morris
McCormick, Brooks—International Harvester
McGillicuddy, John F.—Manufacturers Hanover Trust
Meriwether, John—Long Term Capital Mgmt.
Mozilo, Angelo—Countrywide
Muilenberg, Dennis—Boeing
Munoz, Oscar—United Airlines
Musk, Elon—Solar City

Nasser, Jac—Ford
Neumann, Adam—WeWork
Nix, Alexander—Cambridge Analytica
Norris, William—Control Data
O’Neal, Stan—Merrill Lynch
Olson, Kenneth—Digital Equipment
​​​​Prince, Chuck—Citibank

Raines, Franklin—Fannie Mae
Robinson, James—American Express
Roderick, David—US Steel
Rogers, Theodore C.—NL Industries
Rubin, Robert—Citibank
Rumsfeld, Donald—G.D. Searle
Rumsfeld, Donald—General Instrument

Sanford, Charles—Bankers Trust
Schrempp, Jurgen—Mercedes-Benz
Seawell, William—Pan Am
Shoemaker, Alvin V.—First Boston
Smith, Richard—Equifax
Smith, Roger—GM
Stempel, Bob—GM
Stumpf, John—Wells Fargo

Thain, John—Merrill Lynch

Thain, John--CIT
Wang, An—Wang Labs
Weill, Sanford—American Express
Weill, Sanford—Citibank
Weinstein, Harvey—The Weinstein Company
Welch, Jack—General Electric
Wriston, Walter—Citibank
Zornow, Gerald—Kodak


​​Many people won't remember who these CEOs are. There aren't any Academy Awards or Super Bowls in business, so there's no reason to remember. But WE remember: We were right there on the train when it ran off the tracks. Not that we were asked to help steer it. That's their job, as they clearly told us. Our job was to secure the luggage and prepare for impact. Then after that, our job was to clean up the mess, and get the trains running on time -- again.



        Feel free to name your most notable Hedge Fund, Private Equity Fund, Leveraged Buyout                shop, Corporate Raider, M&A Investment Bank team, M&A Legal Team, Short-seller,                          Dissident Shareholder, and/or Liquidator.

The Lay-off  Monologues


From the frontlines: our Millennial correspondent roams the country hoping to make sense of it all...

This Honor Roll is for CEOs of big companies. Each of these CEOs was paid millions to make sure that nothing bad happened. But bad things DID happen at all of these companies -- things the CEOs didn't fix. Maybe it's their fault. Maybe it's not. Some of these CEOs are still viewed by the market as the best thing since stock options. However, they all left messes behind them; messes that everyone else -- mostly us -- had to clean up. 


Agee, Bill—Bendix
Agee, Bill—Morrison—Knudsen
Akers, John—IBM
Allaire, Paul—Xerox
Andersen, Roger—Continental Illinois
Anderson, Warren—Union Carbide
Antioco, John—Blockbuster
Arnall, Roland—Ameriquest

Brennan, Edward—Sears
Brittain, Alfred—Bankers Trust
Brown, Lewis Herrold—Johns-Manville
Brown, William L.—First National Bank of Boston
Butcher, Willard C.—Chase Manhattan Bank

Carpenter, Michael—Kidder Peabody
Case, Steve—AOL
Cayne, James—Bear Stearns
Cheney, Dick—Halliburton
Clausen, A.W.—Bank of America
Connolly, Walter—Bank of New England
Corzine, John—MF Global Holdings

Danford, Douglas—Westinghouse
DeNunzio, Ralph—Kidder Peabody
Dunlap, Al—Scott Paper
Dunlap, Al—Sunbeam
Dutt, James—Beatrice Foods

Eaton, Bob—Chrysler
Eyler, John—Toys R Us
Farley, William—Fruit of the Loom
Fiorina, Carly—HP/Compaq
Fish, Lawrence—Bank of New England,
Fish, Lawrence—Citizens Bank
Flamson, Richard—Security Pacific
Freeman, Gaylord—First National Bank of Chicago
Fuld, Richard—Lehman Brothers

Galvin, William—Motorola
Geneen, Harold—ITT
Glucksman, Lewis—Lehman Brothers
Greenspan, Alan—Federal Reserve
Gutfreund, John—Salomon Brothers
Hayward, Tony—BP
Heineman, Ben—Northwest Industries
Helmsley, Leona—Helmsley Enterprises
Holmes, Elisabeth—Theranos

Immelt, Jeffrey—General Electric
Jenkins, William N.—SeaFirst
Joseph, Fred—Drexel, Burnham, Lambert

​Kalanick , Travis—Uber
Keyes, James—Blockbuster
Killinger, Kerry—Washington Mutual
Kuhns, William G.—General Public Utilities

Lampert, Edward—K-Mart

Lampert, Edward--Sears



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