VPA was created by corporate vice presidents in New York for their amusement. Also for their  survival.  After 30 years, it now is open to people with similar experience. Participation is free. Participation is anonymous.  

  1. Lampert, Edward—K-Mart

  2. Lampert, Edward--Sears

  3. Levin, Gerald—AOL Time-Warner

  4. Levin, Rob—Fannie Mae

  5. Lewis, David—General Dynamics

  6. Ling, James—LTV

  7. Locke, Charles--Morton Thiokol

  8. Lorenzo, Frank—Continental Airlines

  9. Lorenzo, Frank—Eastern Airlines

  10. Lorenzo, Frank—New York Air

  11. Lorenzo, Frank—People's Express

  12. Lorenzo, Frank—TWA

  13. Love, Ben—Texas Commerce Bank